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Biography of Canadian Artist Painter, Bruce R. T. Hakli  b.f.a.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 1944, I grew into life under the progressive atmosphere that filled life in Post-War 2 North America. My appetite and enthusiasm for life soon found focus in my art and a distinctive talent was clearly identified, as voiced by friends, family  and teachers by age six.

Art became a growing preoccupation, ever increasing through my early school years and a major subject by secondary school level. Although I was born in Eastern Canada, very early after the WW 2, the family moved to Northern Ontario and so, while growing up in then, Port Arthur and Fort William, (now collectively known as Thunder Bay)some of the strongest influences for subject matter came from nature there: the great Lake  Superior,rugged Precambrian shield, pine forests and the vast lake and river terrain of North Western Ontario.

Those powerful surroundings imbedded lifelong loves and elements that would appear in my artworks throughout  life and in the present. Adulthood and the pursuit of further artistic development led me to earning the Degree of Bachelor of FineArts, at the University of Calgary in 1972, where I majored in Fine Art Printmaking.

This choice allowed me tobuild on my drawing strength, while allowing further development and option ofworking with color. I was clear in wanting to 'save' my painting from formal training,choosing rather, to allow it's development
to mature more naturally over time.

Professionally, I have functioned  in the realms of Signage Design and Illustration, Commercial InteriorDesign, Television studio graphics, Advertising agency art works, Architectural Design / Illustration and now have applied my talents and experience to the realm of  Computer based Art /Illustration / Web based Design and Creation.

Since  officialretirement, I have been applying past experience and  acquired  skills to bothComputer Art Works and Real Life Painting with Acrylics and Oil Paints.

As well, in the past, I had acted as Sessional Illustration Instructor for a Kwantlen
College  Interior Design program for a number of years in Vancouver / Richmond,
British Columbia, Canada.


These professional functions and activities led him to work in many city centers throughout Western Canada where my art vision expanded with knowledge and experience and wheremy Fine Art Works, drawings and paintings for the most
part,  were shown soldboth privately and publicly.

During recent years I've resided in West Kelowna, British Columbia, here in the 'Sunny OkanaganValley' where my art work continues.

Although married twice, I remain a single man, a past rated commercial  pilot and  have traveled in Africa, the Middle East,  England, Scotland and Wales.


Perhaps this supplementary information will explain to some extent the wide range of works presented, the subjects portrayed and the range of styles from illustrative to more painterly impressions I display and make available to purchase as original
Art Works, or as Full Color Printable Email Download Files.



Canadian Artist / Painter / Designer Bruce R. T. Hakli  b.f.a.

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