Canadian Portrait Paintings for sale,
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Original Portrait Art Paintings for sale by Canadian Artist Bruce R. T. Hakli.

Original Portrait Paintings for sale, displays a collection of Artworks by
Canadian artist painter Bruce R. T. Hakli, as the original art works,
or as Emailed Online, full color printable download files.

Original Art original painting West Coast Hiker diplays a young woman hiking above a coastline with the sea below appearing off in the distance


 Oil Painting "West Coast Hiker"

Original Art original painting Wading depicts a young woman wading deep into clear waters sheltered behind coasta islets at her campsite


 Painting "Wading at Schooner Cove"

Original Art original painting Juan De Fuca renders a young woman cast against a seascape vision of Juam De Fuca waterway between Vancouner Island 
			in Canada and the U.S.A. on the other side of the Straight


 Acrylics Painting "Juan de Fuca"

Original Art original painting renders a young woman;s early morning encounter with a wild white Stallion at a revive in the foothills of Alberta, 


 Painting "Early Morning Encounter"

Original Art original painting Picnic renders a rive side scene with a painter working at his easel and his girlfiend and row boat nearby, set up 
			for an afternoon Picnic !


  Oil Painting "Picnic"

Original oil Paint on Hardboard painting, available to buy as a printable downlaod file.


 Computer Art "The Lady In the Park"

Canadian Nude original Seascape Art Oil painting Candi in seascape setting portrait available as an original oil painting on canvas and streachers 
			available for sale.


 Oil Painting  "Candi"

Original Art original painting rendering of a young semi nude woman reacting to the cool moist airs created with the incoming tidal flow

 Oil Painting "Candi at the Cove"

Original Art original painting of a young woman enigmatically appearing mid stream by Willow bows surrouning


 Computer Art painting "China"

Computer art Nude Art rendering entitled Summer Girl by the Lake, 
			by Canadian Artist Bruce R. T. Hakli available for purchase as a printable download file.


 Computer Art "Summer Girl "

Artist Bruce Hakli original computer art painting The Gift" depicts a nude art scene with a young, buxom woman displaying her body in a 
			private setting.

 Computer Art  "The Gift"

Lisa is a computer nude art painting by Bruce Hakli that is available for sale as a printable download file.


 Computer Art "Lisa Painting"

Original Art original painting of a Patrolman scanning the highway beside a lake in the twilight of early evening


 Acrylics on Hardboard "Patrolman"

Original Art original painting On The Beach renders a view of a young woman from behind as she overlooks the incoming tide at a cove behinf an 
			Islet on the West Coast of Canada.


 Acrylics Painting "On the Beach"

Summer Dream is a computer nude art painting by Artist Bruce  R.T. Hakli , displaying a nude young woman taking an evening stroll beside 
		    a  stream and Lilly pond, by Weeping Willows and arched bridge.

Computer Art " Nude Summer Dream"

Afternoon Delight is a computer art painting available for sale as a full color 20in. download file.

  Computer Art "Afternoon Delight"

Original Art original painting displays a young woman rising toward the distant surface of the sea that surrounds her with it's watery glow


 Computer Art Portrait  "Rising"

Original Art original painting depicts a woman in rain gear beside the sea in the background


 Seascape   "Woman in Yellow"

Original Art original painting on hrdboard depicts an Asian woman on the open deck of a BC Ferry crossing Georgia Straight, between Vancouver 
			Island and the Mainland of Canada


 Oil Painting  "On Deck Passage"

Original Art original computer painting depicts a scene of a Ninja Warior faking sleep !!


  Computer Art Painting "Rhonin"

Artistic depiction of an ancient warrior ready for combat.


Computer Art "Eternal Warrior"

a surprise morning encounter I had with a male Lion near Masai Mara, in Kenya.


 Computer Art "African Lion Encounter"

Original Art original computer painting Okanagan Outdoorsman portrait of a successful Elk Hunter at his kill a sample portrait offering


 Computer Art  "Foot Hills Kill !!"

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