Robinson R44 Helicopter Painting for sale, "Rocky Mountain Christmas Card".

Robinson R44 Helicopter Christmas Painting for sale as an online 18in. high, full color printable Email downloade file, or as as a 4.5in. X 7in. high, 
		Special Order Personalised Christmas Card.

Aviation Art  "Rocky Mountain Christmas!!"

Aviation Art, Robinson R44 Helicopter Painting, as viewed aloft, towing a Christmas tree
for delivery in the Snow Bound Rocky Mountains for sale and Emailed online :

(Order Your Personalised Card with your face painted in as the Pilot !!)
as a 4.5" X 7" high, Special Order Christmas Card.

To Have Your Pilot Portrait added !! :


Art Print Download Available $ 29.95 Canadian Dollars
You are Welcome to order a 18"h Emailed Download File,
You can have printed on paper, or canvas !!
Include Art Title "In Your PayPal Order" In PayPal Form

As a commercial rated Pilot and past owner of two private aircraft, (a Grumman Tr2 "Widow maker" & a Piper Aircraft Cherokee 140), my interests in aviation and aircraft are long standing and personal. For me, Art and Aviation have a strong and natural connection and so I invite your contact for commissioning of new Aviation Art, as original Oil Paintings, computer renderings,
or as an online full color printable Email download files.

To contact me:

(250) 769-0225

Commissions Welcome !


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